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Cancer Research

Funds raised by the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation benefit various cancer research projects.Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center has become an award-winning tertiary care center, dedicated to finding new and better ways to provide patient-centered medical care. Following in the medical center's rich tradition of innovation and advancement, the Vince Lombardi Gene Therapy Laboratory and Cancer Immunotherapy Program was developed in 1995 with funds from the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation. The Vince Lombardi Gene Therapy Laboratory and Cancer Immunotherapy Program conduct cancer research and offer customized treatments for cancer patients.

The Cancer Immunotherapy Program at Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center is one of the first institutions in the world to offer a skin cancer research study that trains the patient's immune system to kill cancer cells. The Young Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocyte (Y-TIL) trial is a phase 2 clinical trial currently being offered with technical support from the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Md.

Approximately 36 cancer research projects have been funded with support from the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation. Some cancer research projects have focused on specific cancers (breast, colon, skin, prostate, lung, ovarian and others); while other cancer research has dealt with broader subjects such as cancer risk screening, smoking cessation, and spiritual well-being and hope in cancer patients.