Bart Starr will always be a hero known for his legendary plays, though his real heroism was his dedication to putting others first. 

Bart used to write letters to starting quarterbacks each year wishing them a successful season. This year, Bart’s wife Cherry is continuing that tradition. Cherry humbly asked each quarterback to sign a team helmet to raise funds through an online auction for the Starr Children’s Fund, which she and Bart started in collaboration with the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation in 2017. 

We are honored to say that all 32 NFL quarterbacks and several legends will join Cherry in carrying on Bart’s legacy off the field.  

During Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month this September, you can bid on a helmet signed by your favorite quarterback to honor Bart and support children impacted by cancer, including the caregivers who are heroes for putting their patients first. Bidding runs Sept. 22 to Sept. 29. Visit this site for ongoing updates and follow the foundation’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels.