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In November 2018, the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation partnered with the Dallas-based MJ Cancer Free with plans to host its first joint fundraising event on October 18-19, 2019. 

Paul “Mo” Moline and Jim Round established the MJ Cancer Free Event in 2001 after both having personally experienced the impacts of cancer and wanting to do something more. Jim lost his father to cancer and Mo’s mother and brother passed away less than three months apart. Both men were also diagnosed with cancer just nine days apart and successfully completed treatment.  

 This relationship is a result of VLCF board members meeting with like-minded organizations to work together to raise funds for cancer research and compassionate care across the country.   

Mo and Jim were honored as one of the 50 out of 27 million Fortune 500 employees to receive the “Heroes of the 500” award for their philanthropic work. Since the MJ Event’s inception, over $7,000,000 has been raised for cancer research and care. 

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